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[We Remember the 19th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing]
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In Remembrance of the 19th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing
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FY2013 Agency Financial Report
Five years after the housing bubble burst--working closely with partners--we are making progress.
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Are You a Distressed Homeowner in Need of Help?

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Avoiding Foreclosure
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Monday, April 21, 2014

We Can End Homelessness

Written by: Mark Johnston

As a new intern in the Federal government in the winter of 1983, I was a junior researcher for a Presidential hunger commission. One frigid morning I saw a man living on a heating grate near the White House. His name was Saif. I was stunned to see someone living outside and I sat down near him to understand why he was there. This was the first person had I ever met who was homeless.

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