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There are many ways for you to get involved in your community. You can become a volunteer, an organizer, or you can just be an informed citizen. Tell your local government what you think and find out what funds and opportunities are available for communities.

Learn About Communities

 - Community maps - See what HUD and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are doing in your community.
 - Facts about your community from Census
 - Community roots features festivals and community events around the country
 - Facts about the environment from EPA
 - Facts and figures about your community
 - Local information on communities
 - Look for schools, colleges, and libraries
 - Look for child care
 - State, county, and local statistics from Fedstat

Contact Your Government

 - Consolidated plans - Read your community's plan for spending its HUD grant money and tell your local government what you think
 - State and local government websites

Federal Funds for Communities

 - HUD programs for communities
 - HUD funding for communities
 - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
 - Department of Health and Human Services grants
 - Department of Justice grants
 - Rural business programs
 - Rural development opportunities
 - Tribal preservation program

Other Community Support Organizations

 - Enterprise Foundation
 - Foundation Center
 - Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
 - Community Associations Institute