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2001 Mortgagee Letters

Document Number Title
01-31 Single Family Loan Production - Increase in FHA Maximum Mortgage Limits
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All Approved Mortgagees All Approved Nonprofit Organizations All Participating Government Entities

 -   Net Development Cost
 -   Land User Restriction Addendum
 -   Definitions
 -   List of Reference Documents
01-28 Single Family Foreclosure Policy and Procedural Changes: Extension of Time to Initiate Foreclosure in the District of Columbia
01-27 Pre-approval Requirements for New Construction and an Alternative to the Inspection Requirements - Single Family Loan Production
01-26 Disclosure of Yield Spread Premiums Under RESPA
01-25 Credit Watch/Termination Thresholds
01-24 Consideration For Mail Delays Following the Terrorist Attacks
01-23 Mortgagee Approval for Single Family Programs - Elimination of Placement on Credit Watch Status - Superseding the references to Credit Watch in Mortgagee Letter 99-15
01-22 The Effect of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940 on FHA-insured Mortgages
01-21 Relief Options for Borrowers Affected by the Events of September 11, 2001
01-20 Underwriting Section 8 Homeownership Vouchers on FHA Insured Mortgages
01-19 Single Family Foreclosure Policy and Procedural Changes: Non-Judicial Foreclosure in Hawaii; First Legal Action to Commence Foreclosure in GU, IA, SD, & VI; Reasonable Diligence for Acquiring Possession; Update to HUD's Schedule of Allowable Attorney Fees; and Update to HUD's Foreclosure Time Frames
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01-18 CHUMS Programming Changes for HECM Processing
01-17 Availability of Credit Subsidy in FY 2001
01-16 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program (HECM) Servicing and Claim Issues
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01-15 Debenture Interest Rates Modified Notification Procedures
01-14 FHA Loss Mitigation Clarification of Time Frames
01-13 Credit Watch/Termination Thresholds
01-12 Streamline Refinances-Revised Mortgage Amount Calculations
01-11 Multifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting (MDDR) System Version 3.0 and Training
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01-10 Availability of Credit Subsidy for FHA Multifamily Mortgages in FY 2001
01-9 Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans for Single Family Home Builders - Single Family Loan Production
01-8 Loss Mitigation Performance Scores
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01-7 Special Program, Underwriting and Servicing Policies to Assist Victims of Presidentially-Declared Major Disaster Areas-Single Family Loan Production and Servicing
01-6 Single Family Real Estate Owned (Property Disposition) National Management and Marketing Contracts
01-5 Elimination of the Section 221(d)(2) Mortgage Insurance Program
01-4 Protection Against Subterranean Termites in New Construction - Single Family Loan Production
01-3 Debenture Interest Rates
01-2 Filing Loss Mitigation Incentive Claims via the FHA Connection
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01-1 Case Binder Stacking Order and Documentation Issues
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