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Presenting: The HUD Revised Strategic Human Capital Management Plan FY 2008 - FY 2009

We are pleased to present HUD's revised Strategic Human Capital Management Plan. After five years of working to achieve the goals and objectives of our original human capital plan, we are very proud of several significant accomplishments. We have improved our hiring process, greatly reducing the time needed to bring in new talent. We have identified mission critical skill gaps within the workforce and bolstered our training programs to close these gaps. We have institutionalized succession planning programs to ensure a smooth transition of highly energized interns to continue our mission long into the future. Our performance management programs have been strengthened and enhanced by the new ePerformance system and the full implementation of SMART standards to hold all employees accountable for achieving results. We are linking organizational performance to employee performance, and recognizing employees with awards for their achievements. These accomplishments are strong documentation of our substantial progress under our three human capital goals, which are: (1) to be a mission focused agency; (2) to maintain a high quality workforce; and (3) to do effective succession planning.

Now, to continue building on those successes and the lessons learned, we have set new objectives and targets under our human capital goals to guide human capital management for the next two fiscal years. The revised plan is entitled: "Strategic Human Capital Management: Revised Human Capital FY 2008 - FY 2009." This revised plan further engages all program offices in the management of their most valuable resources-the HUD employees. By leveraging more extensive use of new automated processes, such as eRecruit and the new Learning Management System, program managers will be able to quickly initiate action to address their human capital management needs. The revised plan also incorporates the Department's Human Capital Accountability System, which enables the Office of Human Resources to more accurately determine our compliance with the Office of Personnel Management's Standards for Success for effective human capital management. Finally, the revised plan establishes a more data driven process for making human capital decisions in the future, and establishes critical baselines and measures under which we can determine and document results.

Continuing with this revised plan means continuing our investment in training and developing our employees by closing mission critical skill gaps. It involves building effective leadership; effective succession planning; and engaging human resources professionals with program managers and supervisors for short and long term strategic workforce planning.

We thank everyone for your continued support of our human capital programs and we look forward to every employee's assistance in implementing this Plan for a complete success.

  The HUD Human Capital Steering Committee
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