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HOME Property Standards

Properties assisted with HOME funds must meet certain minimum property standards.

While the applicable standards vary based on the nature of HOME activity funded, the topics below summarizes all of the standards used in the HOME Program.

State and Local Standards

State and local codes and ordinances apply to any HOME-funded project, regardless of whether the project involves acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction.

Model Codes

For rehabilitation or new construction projects where there are not state or local building codes, the PJ must enforce national model codes.

These include:

Housing Quality Standards

For acquisition-only projects, if there are no state or local codes or standards, the PJ must enforce Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

Rehabilitation Standards.

Each PJ must develop written rehabilitation standards to apply to all HOME-funded rehabilitation work.

These standards are similar to work specifications, and generally describe the methods and materials to be used when performing rehabilitation activities.

These include:

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