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Follow-up Activities

The Monitoring Report

After an in-depth review, PJ monitoring staff must prepare and send to the owners, developers, sponsors, sub recipients, state recipients, and/or contractors a report describing the results of the review. It is important that the monitoring report include the reasons underlying all conclusions.

A comprehensive follow-up report should include the following elements:

  • The organization's identification or contract number;
  • Names of the PJ staff person(s) who performed the review;
  • Elements of the program or project examined during the monitoring review;
  • Conclusions for each element that was monitored and the facts supporting each conclusion;
  • A description of areas showing strong performance and areas in need of improvement;
  • Specific actions that the organization must take to correct non-compliance or weaknesses, and the deadlines for completing these corrective actions;
  • The method for communicating the results of the corrective actions; and
  • Recommended actions the entity could take to improve overall performance.