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Ongoing Monitoring of All HOME Activities

Ongoing monitoring must occur for all HOME-assisted activities each program year. Basic ongoing monitoring involves conducting periodic reviews of activities to:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance; and
  • Track program performance.

Monitoring requirements may differ based upon how an organization receives its funds. If the organization receives its funds from the PJ to be used as a project, then it is the PJ's responsibility to perform all the monitoring. If the organization is a sub recipient, then both the sub recipient and the PJ have monitoring responsibilities.

For all owners, developers, sponsors, state recipients, and contractors receiving HOME funds for projects:

  • The organization should be required to submit periodic progress reports to PJ staff about its activities.
  • The PJ's annual monitoring plan should identify the format and frequency of project or program-related reports.
  • PJ monitoring staff should follow the progress of the organization's project to ensure that deadlines are being met and that eligible costs are being submitted for work completed.

For sub recipients of HOME funds:

  • It is important for the PJ's monitoring staff to examine the sub recipient's progress in designating HOME funds to eligible projects.
  • If sub recipients are slow in setting up projects or in drawing down HOME funds, PJ monitoring staff should contact the organization to discuss the reasons for the slow progress.
  • If PJ monitoring staff believes a sub recipient may not be able to commit and spend its HOME funds within the period of the HOME Agreement, an on-site review may be needed.
  • If it is determined that HOME funds won't be drawn down, the PJ staff can take steps to reprogram the funds to another entity.

General Data

Based on the data submitted, PJ monitoring staff should generate regular reports on the status of all HOME-funded activities, as well as program-wide data such as the number of units developed or families assisted and the on-going expenditure of HOME funds. If questions or concerns arise, PJ monitoring staff should call or request additional documentation from program staff, owners, developers, sponsors, sub recipients, state recipients, or contractors.