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Monitoring Staff and Schedule

Once PJs have used risk factors or other methods to identify HOME-funded organizations and program areas that will undergo more extensive on-site reviews, staff members must be assigned and the reviews scheduled. Every effort should be made to economize on time and resources without limiting the scope of the review.

In order to do so, the following factors should be considered:

  • Risk Factor Score: It is important to schedule on-site visits to sub recipients and/or CHDOs that received high risk scores before visits to those receiving lower scores.
  • Experience of the Organization: When scheduling on-site reviews of a new sub recipient, the monitoring visit should allow the organization time to get their program/project up and running, but not be so late as to allow serious problems to develop.
  • Staff Relationships: Typically, PJ monitoring staff is assigned based on the organizations, projects, or programs with which they have experience and technical knowledge. In cases where a new perspective is warranted, an experienced staff person with no previous relationship to the organization or program may add value to the monitoring process.