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Rehab-Energy Efficiency Integration Challenges and Issues

Topic Overview

The "building envelope", comprised of the roof, ceiling, walls, and foundation of a building, protects the building from the elements outside (e.g., extreme heat, cold, and water). It helps to keeps the home cool during warm weather and warm during cold weather. In addition to the many intentional openings within a building envelope (i.e. windows, doors, vents, plumbing, wiring, etc.) there are also a number of unintentional openings (cracks in foundation, gaps in ceiling insulation, holes in the siding, etc.). Understanding the common problems related to energy use and the techniques available to minimize these problems is key to providing a comfortable, and healthy indoor environment for all residences.

After completing this topic you will be able to:

  • List the four most common problems in homes related to energy use and energy efficiency.
  • Describe how to integrate energy efficiency with techniques that can help to minimize these problems.

Specifically, this topic will cover the following subjects: