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Solutions: Inadequate Comfort

The solutions used for the common problem of inadequate comfort can be broken down as follows:

  1. Drafts
    Comfort can be a problem in homes with drafts. Techniques can be employed to reduce drafts and increase comfort, such as:
    • Envelope air sealing.
      Many new technologies are available for improving the performance of a buildings envelope or shell. Better techniques and products are available for installing insulation, new insulation products, insulated panel systems and concrete forms, improving air sealing and reducing moisture damage in building assemblies. A better building envelope conserves heating and cooling energy that makes passive, active and mechanical heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently.
  2. Rooms too Hot or Cold
    Another comfort problem experienced by homeowners is inadequate comfort caused by wide temperature variations from room to room. Energy efficient solutions which can be used to address this problem include:
    • Checking and correcting air distribution from vents to ensure adequate air flow into each room.
    • Measuring and correcting any pressure differential between rooms (air transfer ducts)
    • Proper refrigerant charging of air-conditioners for optimal HVAC performance.
    • Installing advanced HVAC systems, which use programmable thermostats, heat recovery ventilators, high efficiency filtration, multiple zoning, and proper HVAC sizing techniques to improve the overall performance of the building.