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Key Awareness and Training Strategies

Grantees can have an impact on energy efficiency in their communities not only in their own rehabilitation projects, but also in each consumer's home. By developing handbooks, flyers, and websites filled with tips and strategies, consumers and developers can be influenced to adopt energy saving strategies.

For example, Department of Energy has developed the handbook, Your Energy Savings: A Resident's Handbook, which can be used for outreach and awareness for residents of rehabilitation projects. General strategies include:

    • Turning lights off when not needed;
    • Changing thermostat set-points at night and when no one is home; and
    • Keeping windows and doors closed during the heating and cooling seasons.

By considering the effect of occupant behavior on energy efficiency, grantees can expect greater success in increasing energy efficiency. This may include changing behaviors, as listed above, or helping occupants understand their utility bills and changes they can make that influence the bill.