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How Do People Get Lead-Poisoned?

Lead enters the body through a number of different pathways. The three major pathways are:

    1. Eating or inhaling lead-contaminated dust or fumes. This is a primary pathway by which lead enters the body. Poisoning can occur when lead-contaminated dust particles are ingested or inhaled. Children are likely to ingest dust through normal hand-to-mouth activities. Adults are likely to ingest or inhale it when proper precautions are not taken during renovation or rehabilitation activities.

    2. Eating or inhaling lead-contaminated paint chips. Poisoning can occur when paint chips containing lead are eaten. Children in particular may ingest lead-contaminated paint chips through normal hand-to-mouth activity.

    3. Eating lead-contaminated soil. Lead-contaminated soil can be ingested when children play outside and engage in normal hand-to-mouth activity or when people track soil inside where it mixes with household dust.

NOTE: A Blood Test is the ONLY way to confirm lead poisoning.