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Key Requirements of the Lead Safe Housing Rule

The Lead Safe Housing Rule requires different approaches to addressing lead hazards in different types of housing. These approaches are summarized in the Lead Safe Housing Requirements Summary Table that you can download as a quick reference to the requirements.

The requirements for each type of housing are best understood if you first consider these five "Key Requirements" that make up the Lead Safe Housing Rule. Therefore,
after completing this topic, you will be able to:

  • Determine when and how to meet notification requirements.
  • Explain the different methods and qualifications for conducting a lead hazard evaluation.
  • Describe the methods, qualifications and options for performing Lead Hazard Reduction activities.
  • Explain what on-going maintenance activities are required when these activities are required by regulation.
  • Describe the steps a grantee and owner must follow when an EIBLL child is identified and the grantee and owner have a responsibility to respond.

Thus, the five "key requirements" (and subject areas for this topic) are:

  1. Communication with Residents. Grantees must meet the lead disclosure requirements that apply to all housing (assisted or unassisted) at lease or sale and provide certain notices to residents.
  2. Lead Hazard Evaluation/Assessment. Any housing that receives HOME funds must undergo some form of evaluation or assessment (unless lead is presumed to be present).
  3. Lead Hazard Reduction Methods. After the appropriate evaluation or assessment, the grantee must conduct Lead Hazard Reduction. Such work must be done using lead safe work practices and is not considered complete until clearance is performed.
  4. Ongoing Maintenance. Some types of housing programs are subject to ongoing maintenance requirements.
  5. Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Levels. For some types of housing programs, specific actions are required for children with Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Levels.