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Communication with Residents

Communicating with residents is required to ensure that program participants are informed of the lead-based paint hazards in their homes, understand the dangers of lead-based paint hazards, and are fully aware of all lead-based paint hazard evaluation and reduction activities that affect their dwellings.

The Lead Safe Housing Rule helps ensure that residents remain informed by requiring the following activities:

  • Disclosure of Lead Based Paint and Lead Based Paint Hazards (24 CFR 35, Subpart A). The disclosure rule was published in 1996 and applies to all pre-1978 housing (regardless of HUD assistance). The disclosure rule requires that prior to any sale or lease, the property owner disclose any known information about lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards in the unit.

    The Sample Disclosure Form (for rental properties and property sales) documents the owner's knowledge of lead-based paint or hazards and are signed by the owner and the buyer/lessee. This form also documents the receipt of the lead hazard information pamphlet.
  • Lead Hazard Information Pamphlet (24 CFR 35.130). The EPA/HUD/Consumer Product Safety Commission brochure entitled "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home" is designed to inform the public of residential lead hazards. The pamphlet must be provided to residents and future residents prior to any sale or lease. It must also be provided prior to all rehabilitation evaluation and reduction activities

    NOTE: The pamphlet only needs to be provided once to each resident. If the
    owner or other designated party can demonstrate that it has already
    provided the pamphlet in accordance with disclosure and notification
    requirements, it is not necessary to provide the pamphlet again.

    The pamphlet can be ordered from the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD.
  • Notice of Lead Hazard Evaluation (24 CFR 35.125). Under the Lead Safe Housing Rule, an owner must provide or post a notice after a lead hazard evaluation (i.e. a risk assessment, paint inspection, paint testing, or lead hazard screen) is performed. Such a notice must be provided directly to the resident (certified mail is recommended) or posted in a public location. It must be provided/posted within 15 days after the owner receives the evaluation report.
  • Notice of Lead Hazard Presumption (24 CFR 35.125). If a grantee chooses to presume lead-based paint and/or lead hazards are present, a Notice of Lead Hazard Presumption is required. This notice must be posted or provided directly to the resident, as required for the Lead Hazard Evaluation Notice.
  • Notice of Lead Hazard Reduction (24 CFR 35.125). Under the Lead Safe Housing Rule, a Notice of Lead Hazard Reduction must be provided after any Lead Hazard Reduction (paint stabilization, interim controls, or abatement) is performed. The notice must be provided to or posted for the residents no later than 15 days after the Lead Hazard Reduction is complete. The notice must contain the clearance results.