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Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Levels (EIBLL)

The grantee and property owners must take specific steps after receiving notice that a child with Environmental Intervention Blood Lead Levels (EIBBL) is living in a unit receiving TBRA.

Requirements. The grantee must take required steps when it receives notification of a child with an EIBLL. These steps include:

  • Verify and report the information to the State or local public health agency;
  • Conduct a risk assessment;
  • Respond to the evaluation result; and
  • Provide notices to residents.

Activities Before Notification. If the grantee begins evaluation and Lead Hazard Reduction activities after a child's blood level is tested, but before being notified of the child with an EIBLL, the grantee must finish these activities, but does not need to repeat them.

If a Child Moves. If a child with an EIBLL moves before the grantee has completed the risk assessment and Lead Hazard Reduction measures, the grantee must ensure that these measures are completed, and the unit must be certified free of lead-based paint hazards before the unit will be eligible for assistance.