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Ongoing Maintenance

When assistance provided by grantees involves an ongoing relationship with a property, such as TBRA or the HOME Rental properties program, grantees are responsible for ensuring that the owners perform ongoing maintenance to ensure that Lead Hazard Reduction methods are maintained. In other cases, ongoing maintenance is encouraged.

Maintenance Exemptions. Ongoing maintenance activities are not required when:

  • A clearance report indicates that all building components with lead-based paint have been removed, OR
  • A current risk assessment indicates that no lead-contaminated soil or lead-contaminated dust is present.

Required Maintenance Activities. Grantees and owners, depending on program size, must ensure that maintenance activities are conducted that minimizes the threat of lead-based paint hazards.

Maintenance Related Requirements:

  • Safe work practices. Safe work practices must be followed for all maintenance or renovation work that disturbs paint that may be lead-based paint above the de minimis level.
  • Clearance. Clearance must be conducted of maintenance work unless the work area was below the de minimis level.
  • Maintenance Records. Grantees must keep records of inspections, repairs, and any other lead hazard evaluation and reduction activities for 3 years after the activities cease or for the period required by program regulations. The HOME program requires that records be kept for 5 years.