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Architectural and Engineering Fees

Architectural fees should be based on an estimate or on an actual agreement with the architect. These fees may be structured as a percentage of the construction contract amount, a fee per dwelling unit, a flat fee for services, or some other basis.

There will always be two architect fees: one for the design of the buildings and another for construction supervision. In this portion of the Development Costs tab, enter the amount of the two architect fees under Architect Fee - Design and Architect Fee - Construction Supervision. Note that the architect handling design and the architect supervising construction may or may not be the same.

The Engineering Fee estimate should include any mechanical or structural engineering costs not incurred as part of the site plan design fee. Note that the cost of an environmental survey and soil boring are not included in this amount. These costs are entered separately under Other Owner Costs.

Use the Other Architectural and Engineering Fees field to enter costs that are not represented by the other items in this category. Enter a label (replacing the "Other Architectural and Engineering Costs" text) and an amount. If you do not need to use this field, simply leave it blank.