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Community Development Block Grant - Colonias

This page provides resources regarding HUD's Colonias set-aside, including relevant notices legislation, information to help you contact your local HUD office, and other news about CDBG's Colonias set-aside.

What is the Colonia Set-aside? Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico set aside up to 10 percent of their State CDBG funds for use in colonias. The set-aside funds are used for all CDBG-eligible activities that meet the needs of colonias. Most of the funds have been expended on water and sewer and housing assistance.

The Legislation The National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, section 916, required the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to set aside 10 percent of their CDBG funds in FY 1991 for colonias. For FY 1992 through FY 1994, HUD, in consultation with representatives of the colonias, determined an appropriate set-aside percentage, not exceeding 10 percent, for each of the four states. The set-aside was voluntary in FY 1995; it was required by the Appropriations Act in FY 1996, and made permanent by the 1997 appropriations act. Since 1997, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have set aside 10% of their CDBG funds for colonias, while California has fluctuated between two and five percent during those years.

Definition for the Colonias Set-aside For the purposes of this set-aside, the definition of a colonia is any identifiable community in the U.S.-Mexico border regions of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas that is determined to be a colonia on the basis of objective criteria, including lack of a potable water supply, inadequate sewage systems, and a shortage of decent, safe, and sanitary housing. The border region means the area within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border excluding Metropolitan Statistical Areas with populations exceeding one million.

Border Area HUD Field Offices To contact your local HUD office:

 - HUD Texas State Office
 - HUD San Antonio Area Office
 - HUD New Mexico State Office
 - HUD Arizona State Office
 - HUD California State Office
 - HUD Los Angeles Area Office

Useful Information for Colonias
Learn about the many additional resources to assist migrant farm workers and colonias. You will find useful links to health, economic development, capacity building, mapping and information tools, and many other resources.

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