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CDBG Active Disaster Grants

These profiles provide information on all active CDBG Disaster Recovery grantees. Through the state-specific pages below, you can access the following:

  1. Disaster CDBG Grantee Contact Information
  2. Action Plans for each Disaster CDBG grant with budgets and performance goals.
  3. Quarterly performance reports for each Disaster CDBG grant showing expenditures and accomplishments for each activity funded.

Each grantee is responsible for the design, implementation and oversight of its grant program, including the monitoring of subgrants and any activities undertaken through the grant. In turn, HUD monitors each grant program and provides training and technical assistance as needed. Each grantee must also develop and comply with a citizen participation process regarding feedback about plans and reports. In addition to the information contained below, each grantee can be contacted for further information about its programs.

To access contact information for grantees in a given state or insular area, select the state from the list below.

Active Disaster CDBG Grantees

Hurricane Sandy &
Other Disasters (PL 113-2)

Grantee contact information for Hurricane Sandy and Other Disasters is available on the OneCPD Resource Exchange.

B-13-DS-08-0001 State of Colorado $62,800,000
B-13-DS-17-0001 State of Illinois $3,600,000
B-13-MS-17-0001 City of Chicago,IL $4,300,000
B-13-US-17-0001 Cook County,IL $13,900,000
B-13-US-17-0002 DuPage County,IL $7,000,000
B-13-DS-40-0001 State of Oklahoma $10,600,000
B-13-MS-40-0001 City of Moore,OK $26,300,000
B-13-DS-01-0001 State of Alabama $49,157,000
B-13-MS-01-0002 City of Tuscaloosa,AL $43,932,000
B-13-MS-01-0001 City of Birmingham,AL $17,497,000
B-13-US-01-0001 Jefferson County,AL $9,142,000
B-13-DS-22-0001 State of Louisiana $64,379,084
B-13-US-22-0001 Jefferson Parish,LA $16,453,000
B-13-MS-22-0001 City of New Orleans,LA $15,031,000
B-13-US-22-0002 St.Tammany Parish,LA $10,914,916
B-13-DS-25-0001 Commonwealth of Massachusetts $7,210,000
B-13-MS-25-0001 City of Springfield,MA $21,896,000
B-13-DS-29-0001 State of Missouri $11,844,000
B-13-MS-29-0001 City of Joplin,MO $113,276,000
B-13-DS-38-0001 State of North Dakota $6,576,000
B-13-MS-38-0001 City of Minot,ND $35,056,000
B-13-DS-42-0001 Commonwealth of Pennyslvania $29,986,000
B-13-DS-42-0002 Luzeme County,PA $9,763,000
B-13-US-42-0001 Dauphin County,PA $7,632,000
B-13-DS-47-0001 State of Tennessee $13,810,000
B-13-US-47-0001 Shelby County,TN $7,464,000
B-13-DS-48-0001 State of Texas $5,061,000
B-13-DS-50-0001 State of Vermont $17,932,000
B-13-DS-09-0001 State of Connecticut $137,820,000
B-13-DS-24-0001 State of Maryland $28,640,000
B-13-DS-34-0001 State of New Jersey $3,292,520,000
B-13-DS-36-0001 State of New York $3,810,960,000
B-13-MS-36-0001 New York City, NY $3,219,820,000
B-13-DS-44-0001 State of Rhode Island $19,240,000
Severe Storms &
Flooding (PL 112-55)
B-12-DT-01-0001 State of Alabama $24,697,966
B-12-MT-01-0001 City of Birmingham, AL $6,386,326
B-12-UT-01-0001 Jefferson County, AL $7,847,084
B-12-MT-01-0002 City of Tuscaloosa, AL $16,634,702
B-12-DT-29-0001 State of Missouri $8,719,059
B-12-MT-29-0001 City of Joplin, MO $45,266,709
B-12-DT-34-0001 State of New Jersey $15,598,506
B-12-DT-36-0001 State of New York $71,654,116
B-12-MT-36-0001 Town of Union,NY $10,137,818
B-12-UT-36-0001 Orange County,NY $11,422,029
B-12-DT-38-0001 State of North Dakota $11,782,684
B-12-MT-38-0001 City of Minot,ND $67,575,964
B-12-DT-42-0001 State of Pennsylvania $27,142,501
B-12-UT-42-0001 Dauphin County, PA $6,415,833
B-12-UT-42-0002 Luzerne County,PA $15,738,806
B-12-DT-48-0001 State of Texas $31,319,686
B-12-DT-50-0001 State of Vermont $21,660,211
Severe Storms &
Flooding (PL 111-212)
B-10-DF-21-0001 State of Kentucky $13,000,000
B-10-DF-44-0001 State of Rhode Island $8,935,237
B-10-MF-44-0001 City of Warwick,RI $2,787,697
B-10-MF-44-0002 City of Cranston, RI $1,277,067
B-10-DF-47-0001 State of Tennessee $30,906,517
B-10-MF-47-0001 City of Memphis,TN $6,264,239
B-10-MF-47-0002 City of Nashville/Davidson County, TN $33,089,813
B-10-UF-47-0001 Shelby County,TN $3,739,430
Midwest Flood Grants
(PL 110-252)
B-08-DF-05-0001 State of Arkansas $4,747,501
B-08-DF-08-0001 State of Colorado $589,651
B-08-DF-17-0001 State of Illinois $17,341,434
B-08-DF-18-0001 State of Indiana - OCRA $67,012,966
B-08-DF-19-0001 State of Iowa $156,690,815
B-08-DF-27-0001 State of Minnesota $925,926
B-08-DF-28-0001 State of Mississippi $2,281,287
B-08-DF-29-0001 State of Missouri $11,032,438
B-08-DF-30-0001 State of Montana $666,672
B-08-DF-31-0001 State of Nebraska $5,557,736
B-08-DF-40-0001 Oklahoma State Program $1,793,876
B-08-DF-54-0001 State of West Virginia $3,127,935
B-08-DF-55-0001 State of Wisconsin $24,057,378
Hurricane Ike Grants
(PL 110-329)
B-08-DI-05-0001 State of Arkansas $90,475,898
B-08-DI-06-0001 State of California $39,531,784
B-08-DI-12-0001 State of Florida $81,063,855
B-08-DI-13-0001 State of Georgia $4,570,779
B-08-DI-17-0001 State of Illinois $169,191,249
B-08-DI-18-0001 State of Indiana - OCRA $348,382,701
B-08-DI-19-0001 State of Iowa $642,011,010
B-08-DI-21-0001 State of Kentucky $3,217,686
B-08-DI-22-0001 State of Louisiana $1,058,690,549
B-08-DI-28-0001 State of Mississippi $6,283,404
B-08-DI-29-0001 State of Missouri $92,605,490
B-08-DI-72-0001 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico $17,982,887
B-08-DI-47-0001 State of Tennessee $92,517,890
B-08-DI-48-0001 State of Texas $3,057,991,440
B-08-DI-55-0001 State of Wisconsin $100,240,535
Hurricanes Katrina, Rita,
& Wilma Grants
B-06-DG-01-0001 State of Alabama $74,388,000
B-06-DG-01-0002 State of Alabama $21,225,574
B-06-DG-12-0001 State of Florida $82,904,000
B-06-DG-12-0002 State of Florida $100,066,518
B-06-DG-22-0001 State of Louisiana $6,210,000,000
B-06-DG-22-0002 State of Louisiana $4,200,000,000
B-06-DG-22-0003 State of Louisiana $3,000,000,000
B-06-DG-28-0001 State of Mississippi $5,058,185,000
B-06-DG-28-0002 State of Mississippi $423,036,059
B-06-DG-48-0001 State of Texas $74,523,000
B-06-DG-48-0002 State of Texas $428,671,849
9/11 Grants    
B-01-DW-36-0001 Empire State Development Corporation (NYS) $700,000,000
B-02-DW-36-0001 Empire State Development Corporation (NYS) $2,000,000,000
B-02-DW-36-0002 Empire State Development Corporation (NYS) $783,000,000