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Planning and Implementing EDI

Planning for EDI

  • Discuss your prospective EDI implementation budget requirements with your Manager of Information Technology.
  • Read the EDI Implementation Guide for detailed information.
  • Contact your local CPD Field Office or HUD EDI Help Desk at for guidance and implementation assistance.
  • Define specific actions required to carry out your Operation Methodology.
  • Set a Timeline.

Implementing EDI

The following is an example of a basic plan of attack for implementing EDI at the Grantee level:

  • Grantee Data Mapping
    • Program Configuration
    • VAN Connection
    • Complete connectivity testing with HUD
    • Grantee goes Live

  • Grantee Mapping
    • Establish a relationship between Grantee data and IDIS Tables and Fields.
    • Use the IDIS Data Dictionary to establish:
      • relationships
      • field sizes
      • data type
      • logic

  • Program Configuration
    • Develop a systematic way of compiling and formatting data to meet the standards set forth by the EDI formats. (This will vary from Grantee to Grantee depending on the complexity of their system.)

  • VAN/Internet Connection
    • Establish a means of transmitting the data to the HUD VAN mailbox by way of their own VAN.

  • Testing
    • Grantee and HUD test the EDI data flow to make sure it has been sent and received correctly.
    • Grantee and HUD test the integrity of the data going into IDIS to verify that the EDI format requirements are correct.
    • HUD provides technical assistance as needed.

EDI Topics

Using EDI