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Reporting Accomplishments

The Office of Community Planning and Development utilizes data from IDIS to assess how housing and community development program funds are being used to serve the priority needs populations of HUD grantees. IDIS also has information that will allow Public Trust Officers (PTOs) to determine if grantees are accomplishing their goals and completing activities in a timely fashion. Therefore it is important that grantees update the IDIS Accomplishment screen.

CPD requests that grantees update the status of their activities in IDIS on a quarterly basis. Updating the Accomplishment screen involves the following steps:

  1. Updating the activity status code to Complete or Canceled;
  2. Selecting the appropriate Proposed Accomplishment Type, and ensuring that the Actual Accomplishment Type is correct;
  3. Providing the proposed number of units to be accomplished and updating the actual number of units accomplished quarterly; and
  4. Providing an accomplishment narrative on a quarterly basis indicating the percentage of work completed to-date.

The information provided by the grantee on the Accomplishments narrative screen is also used for end-of-year reporting. For activities that are underway during the course of more than one reporting period, the grantee will need to use the F11 function to insert an accomplishment screen for each annual reporting period to provide accomplishments. For more information on reporting accomplishments in IDIS see Setting Up Activities section in Chapter 4 of the Reference Manual. For more information on end-of-year reporting see the Memo on Reporting Instructions.