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BOSMAC Release Notes

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This page presents a running history of BOSMAC versions, their release dates, and summaries of the changes made. If you are using BOSMAC07(the updated version on the Web) then you are using the latest version of BOSMAC.


Released October 3, 2007

BOSMAC 07 Main Menu Image
  • BOSMAC07 must be placed in a folder named bosmacfiles. This folder can be anywhere.
  • BOSMAC07 converts only those IDIS reports downloaded to C:\IDISDATA\IDISDATA
  • New user interface - floating "navigator" and menu windows. .. Just keep on clicking....
  • Hold mouse pointer over buttons - without clicking - to see what they do
  • IDIS "Reports manager " - "CONVERTED" and "ALL IDIS Reports" buttons.
  • New integrated HELP/Readme file
  • More robust and user friendly
  • Folder named BOSMACFILES now required - BOSMAC07 must be placed in this folder
  • BOSMACFILES folder can be located anywhere on computer
  • All BOSMAC reports (Text and EXCEL) will automatically be saved to the BOSMACFILES folder
New Features
  • Converted ReportsDisplays menu of all converted IDIS reports (.xls files) in BOSMACFILES folder from which user can select one or all for processing.
  • Process multiple grantees simultaneously for some reports
    Converted Reports Spreadsheet
  • PR03 "completeness" test - good tool for CAPER review
  • New Public Service and ADMIN Cap tests - "bullet-proof" logic
  • Jobs "compliance" test
  • Timeliness report / Program Income test
  • HOME 120-day completion test by activity
  • View both text and spreadsheet in same file
    PR22 text and temp

All IDIS Reports button image
  • Now "integrated" into BOSMAC07
  • Formats all IDIS reports, including the new PR73, 77, 78, & 79 Performance Measurement Reports