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Hints and Tips

Here are some ideas for making your experience with IDIS more successful.


  • Check to see if HUD loaded your Action Plan projects into IDIS.
  • Determine IDIS roles and responsibilities for each person expected to work in the system.
  • Determine how projects and activities will be structured in the system to ensure that you can effectively understand and use reports.
  • Determine an identifier for the Grantee Activity Number field on screen C04MA01 so that you can cross reference your internal record keeping system with IDIS.

Navigating the System.

  • Press the shift/tab keys at the same time to move your cursor back to the previous field.
  • Do not use the backspace key; it is not functional in IDIS.
  • Press "Enter" instead of using the F3 (validation), F9 (save), and F8 (next screen) keys.
  • Use the F6 key after you have created a voucher to get back to the drawdown menu. It will clear your data and move you back to the drawdown menu more quickly than repeatedly using the F7 key.
  • Right-click your mouse on the IDIS screen to access your IDIS function keys from a pop-up menu. However, do not use the mouse to move from field to field; use the tab and shift/tab keys.
  • Scan the function keys on each screen. Their purpose sometimes changes.
  • When in doubt, press "Enter."

Saving Time

  • Know the numbers from the mini-menu to save a step. Doing so will allow you to insert them when making a selection from the main menu. For example: To get to Maintain Activity Funding, select "I" for Activity Funding and "02" to go directly to the specific Maintain Activity Funding screens.
  • Learn how to use the "Go To" feature on the Main Menu (option "K"). This option is helpful when updating accomplishments, revising the budgeted amount, and reporting beneficiary data and completion data on the program paths.
  • Use "Revise Activity" (option "B") to take advantage of either the "copy" or "move" feature. Use the F2 key to select the Project and Program Year and then press "Enter". This is the only way to access the list of activities to be either copied or moved. Otherwise, the choice is never available.

Keeping Current

  • To keep up with changes, new guidance, and training opportunities, read the current and past issues. IDIS Live.