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Housing and Transportation Affordability Initiative

On average, households in the United States spend almost half of their budget on housing and transportation costs. While housing costs, in the form of rent or mortgage payments, are usually transparent to consumers, the cost of transportation can be difficult for a household to determine and track. Consequently, many households may not fully account for transportation costs when making decisions about where to live and work.

The Housing and Transportation Affordability (HTA) Initiative, a collaboration between HUD and DOT, seeks to shed more light on the relationship between housing and transportation costs, and the impact of families’ transportation costs on the affordability of their home and the amount of money they have available for food, clothing, and other expenses.

The Location Affordability Portal

A key product of the HTA Initiative is the Location Affordability Portal, a reliable, user-friendly source of information on combined housing and transportation costs that can enable families, real estate professionals, housing counselors, policymakers, and developers to make more informed decisions about where to live, work, and invest.

The Portal features two cutting-edge new tools — the Location Affordability Index and My Transportation Cost Calculator—that illustrate from different perspectives how housing and transportation costs impact affordability. In addition to these decision-support tools, the Portal provides access to supporting resources that offer a wide range of information on current research and practice aimed at understanding, and ultimately reducing, the combined housing and transportation cost burden borne by American families.


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