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Multifamily Document Reform Implementation


Please Note

Correction to Dates on Security Instrument and Lender’s Certificate: After scrivener's edits were made to the Security Instrument and the Lender's Certificate, the form date in the footer of each document in HUDClips was incorrectly changed to 11/12 and 6/12, respectively. This has now been corrected and the footers on both documents now read 4/11.  This is the version of the document to be used for closings.

Revisions to the FHA Multifamily Closing Guide were finalized in the Spring of 2013.  This revised Guide is posted on this site under “Additional Resources” in both PDF and MS Word Formats; a redlined version in MS Word is also posted under “Additional Resources.”  Some changes were also made to the checklists included in the revised Guide; these revised checklists are posted as MS Word documents on this site under “Additional Resources.”  The revised 2013 Closing Guide was posted on this site on May 1, 2013, and should be relied on for closings held after that date.

 Frequently Asked Questions