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Debarments (Limited Denials of Participation)

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         Case Name

Docket Number

   Date of    Decision

  1. Edward White, Jr.

    Edward white, Jr. (reconsideration)
HUDALJ 92-1848-DB(LDP)

HUDALJ 92-1848-DB(LDP)

  1. Jeffrey Wirth & Affiliates
HUDALJ 93-1942-DB(LDP) 11/12/93
  1. Jeffrey Wirth & Wirth Companies
HUDALJ 93-1941-DB(LDP) 02/10/94
  1. Otis Stewart, Jr.
HUDALJ 98-8054-DB(LDP)
HUDALJ 99-9061-DB(LDP)
  1. M. Brett Young
    Allied Housing Group.
HUDALJ 96-0036-DB(LDP) 09/13/96