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Updated as of 2/19/15


Thanks to all who participated in the Non-Profit Training Seminar held at HUD's Washington, DC HQ on Febuary 5-6th, 2015.  The training slides are now available - see link below.

February 5-6th HUD SFNS 101 - Non-Profit Training Seminar Slides.



FHA Office of Asset Sales

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
451 Seventh Street, S.W.
Room 3136
Washington, D.C. 20410

Telephone: (202) 708-2625 or toll free (800) 481-9895
Fax: (202) 708-2771

The FHA Office of Asset Sales was established to coordinate the disposition of defaulted FHA-held single family, multifamily and healthcare mortgage notes.  Under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, credit agencies with $100 million in loan assets are expected to sell certain delinquent loans. The asset sales program provides another disposition option for defaulted FHA notes to the conveyance claim process which requires foreclosure on the borrower and the sale of the acquired property.  HUD has assembled a seasoned team of professionals with over $6 billion in whole loan and joint venture sale experience.  John Lucey is the Director of the Office of Asset Sales.

The Single Family Loan Sale initiative (“SFLS”) intends to meet the mission and financial objectives of maximizing recoveries to the mutual mortgage insurance fund, reducing claim costs, minimizing the time that assets are held and keeping homeowners in their homes.  SFLS may include the sale of loan pools in designated geographic areas that are aimed at a neighborhood stabilization outcome or “NSO Targeted” loan pools. 

The Multifamily Loan Sale program (“MFLS”) is intended to reduce claim costs, increase the availability of affordable housing, minimize holding costs for multifamily properties and maximize recoveries to the FHA insurance fund. 

The Healthcare Loan Sale program is also intended to minimize claim costs and maximize recoveries to the FHA insurance fund.


Single Family Loan Sale November 19th Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome Pool Offering

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the Department’s November 19th offering.  The results from that sale can be found here.  


Single Family Loan Sale 2014-2 September Results!

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the September 30th offering. The results from that sale can be found here.  

Information on the November Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome Pool sale will be available on this page soon!

First Post-Sale Results Report Available!

The Department is releasing its first post-sale results report! The report includes details on all of the Single Family Loan Sales including the recent Distressed Asset Stabilization Program sales. Please click here to access the report 


Single Family Loan Sale 2014-2 June Results!

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the June 11th offering and the June 25th offering. The results from the June 11th offering can be found here. The results from the June 25th offering can be found here. 

We also have a fact sheet about the June 11th sale which can be found here.  

We will provide information about our next sale in the near future.


Please check the Single Family page for more information on the Loan Sale program!

Specific questions related to the sales can be sent to


Multifamily and Healthcare Loan Sale Update

A  Healthcare Note (HLS 2015-1) is scheduled for sale on December 17, 2014. For more information,  contact J.S. Watkins Realty Partners, LLC at 301.215.7953 or


Past Sales

The Results Reports for previous sales, as well as general program information and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Single Family Loan Sales, Multifamily Loan Sales and Health Care Loan Sales pages, links to which are provided below.

If you have any further questions, please call 1-800-481-9895 or email the Asset Sales Office.

General Information

Single Family Loan Sales

Multifamily Loan Sales

Healthcare Loan Sales