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Updated as of December 10, 2014



 Single Family Loan Sale November 19th Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome Pool Offering—Results

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the Department’s November 19th offering.  The results from that sale can be found here.

We encourage anyone interested in participating in the NSO sales or any of HUD’s offerings, or anyone with any questions, to contact the Asset Sales Office at

Sales Background

The FHA Office of Housing is conducting a series of mortgage loan sales under the Single Family Loan Sale (SFLS) Initiative. The current sales structure consists of whole loan, competitive auctions, offering for purchase defaulted single family mortgages provided by FHA-approved loan servicers. The loans sold contain specified representations and warranties and may be sold with post-sale restrictions and/or reporting requirements. Currently, the FHA is selling loans in large national pools, as well as loan pools in designated geographical areas that are aimed at a neighborhood stabilization outcome (“NSO pools”).

SFLS 2014-1, conducted on October 30, December 17th and December 19th, 2013, was the tenth offering in a series of similar competitive auctions being conducted. Both national pools and NSO pools were sold in SFLS 2014-1.          

Participating Servicers

The Office of Housing is actively looking for interested Servicers to participate in the SFLS Initiative.

Please see these slides from our recent training session for an overview of the Program.  "Participating Servicing Training"

If you would like to learn more about participating, please contact the Asset Sales Office at 800-481-9895 or via e-mail.

Homeowner Questions   

If your loan was included in one of our SFLS Initiatives and you have questions, please e-mail the Asset Sales Office.

Upcoming Sales and Single Family Loan Sale 2014-1 Results

The Department will provide information on the upcoming sales in the very near future!  Check back soon for more information!

Single Family Loan Sale 2014-1 Results

Here are the Results Reports from recent sales:

December 17th National/Regional Offering SFLS 2014-1 National-Regional Part 2 Sale Results Report final.pdf.

December 19th Neighborhood Stabilization Outcomes Offering SFLS 2014-1 NSO Sale Results Report final.pdf.

The Results Report for the Pools Offered on October 30th can be found here! SFLS 2014-1 National-Regional Part 1 Sale Results Report.

SFLS 2013-2 National Results

SFLS 2013-2 Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome Pool Results

 Previous Sales

Also, thank you to all teams that participated in the September 12th and September 27th Single Family Loan Sale offerings.  The results for the National offering can be found by clicking here.  The results for the Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome offering can be found by clicking here

Information regarding our previous Single Family mortgage sales are below: 

SFLS 2013-1 National Pools Sale Results Summary
SFLS 2013-1 NSO Pools Sale Results Summary
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SFLS 2012-2 Sale Results Summary
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SFLS 2010 Sale Results Summary
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Sales Under the ACD Demonstration

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SFJV 2003-1 Brochure

SFJV-2002 Advertisement
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For teams interested in qualifying for the Neighborhood Stabilization pools in the December 17th sale, the Qualification Statement and the Confidentiality Agreement can be accessed at the links below.  The Recertification documents are also available below.