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Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guide

Section IV: Technical Environment

Each trading partner needs three general resources to interchange data electronically: computer hardware, software, and communication capabilities.

To transmit data between trading partners, certain hardware and software components must be in place. These products serve to convert standard text data into an X12 structure, arrange data into sets which match the receiving system, and execute the action required to transmit data across the telecommunications network. A Value Added Network (VAN), which is discussed later, serves the function of a bulk mail holder, providing temporary storage while waiting for addressees to retrieve their data items.

The items listed below are the minimum resources needed to begin submitting and receiving data via EDI:

 -   Mailbox ID from an established VAN provider
 -   Microcomputer system (80386 processor or above)

 -   Minimum of 640K RAM
 -   Minimum of 20MB hard disk storage capacity
 -   MS-DOS 3.1 or above
 -   Communications adapter
 -   Modem
 -   Modem cable
 -   Telephone jack
 -   RS232 cable for connecting modem to phone jack

 -   Data mapping interface or mapping software;and
 -   EDI translationsoftware

This section of the Implementation Guide outlines each of these requirements and provides guidance for acquiring the appropriate resources to support the EDI efforts. More information on Section IV is available in PDF format.

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