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FHA Connection and Monthly Premiums

Questions and Answers

What is available on the FHA Connection with respect to Single Family monthly (periodic) mortgage insurance premiums?

The FHA Connection can be used for:

How do I gain access to the FHA Connection on the Internet?

Please see Mortgagee Letters 98-13 (February 27, 1998) [DOC] and 97-33 (July 24, 1997) [TXT]. They provide general information as well as instructions for accessing the FHA Connection. The FHA Connection Welcome Page also provides detailed information about this website.

My FHA Connection user ID is not working. What should I do?

Contact the FHA Connection Administrator.

My service bureau is unable to access our information on the FHA Connection. What do we do to correct this?

A service bureau must have the appropriate access rights to monthly premium functions on the FHA Connection. These rights are granted through a lender's FHA Connection Application Coordinator. After signing on to the FHA Connection, the Coordinator selects ID Maintenance on the menu bar near the top of the FHA Connection page. Then, Service Bureau Authorization is selected to maintain service bureau authorizations.

If the service bureau has not already been established in HUD's system, send an email request to HUD's Single Family Insurance Operations Division. The request must include (per Mortgagee Letter 97-33) [TXT]:

For further instructions on service bureau authorizations, see the Service Bureau Administration module of the FHA Connection Guide [PDF].