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Refunding a Payment

Requesting a Refund

Lenders can request a refund of a Single Family upfront mortgage insurance premium (MIP) payment. Refunds are processed by the Disbursements and Customer Service Branch of HUD's Single Family Insurance Operations Division (SFIOD). Send an email to and include the following in your request:
  • Name and ID of lender (enter ID in subject field
  • Upfront refund (specify in subject field)
  • FHA case number
  • Refund amount for the case
  • Reason for refund request
  • Date payment was remitted
  • Mortgagee contact name including telephone number and fax number (optional)

Upon request, you must submit documentation needed to support the refund.

Note: If the case number was incorrect (or invalid) and it is the first payment remitted for the case, Case Corrections on the FHA Connection can be used to correct the case number instead of processing a refund (see Correcting Case Information Submitted with a Payment). Also, an overpayment or a payment submitted for a wrong or invalid case may be reallocated to another case in the lender's portfolio (see Reallocating or Reapportioning a Payment).

Automatic Refunds

A refund is automatically sent to the remitting lender in the following circumstances:

  • A payment made for an invalid case number is refunded within 14 days (unless the lender corrects the case number beforehand or the payment is reallocated).
  • If, after 18 months, the case has not been endorsed for FHA insurance, it is canceled. Any upfront MIP remitted for the case is refunded approximately three weeks after the case is canceled.

Mailing Address for Refunds

Endorsement address HUD has on record for the lender unless an address is specified in the refund request. The Endorsement address can be viewed and corrected through HUD's Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP), which is accessed from the FHA Connection's Lender Functions menu. 

Getting Information on Refunds

Use the following options on the FHA Connection's Upfront Premium Collection menu to get information on refunds.