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Reports & Data

Effective for the period ending May 31, 2013, the monthly reports entitled “FHA Monthly Outlook” and “Monthly Reports to the FHA Commissioner” have been replaced with new reports entitled “FHA Single Family Origination Trends”, “Loan Performance Trends” and “Monthly Production Report”.   The new reports provide details on the credit characteristics and performance of the FHA programs,  the information previously found in the previous reports as well as additional information regarding the FHA programs that was previously provided in the quarterly reports.

 - FHA Loan Limits in 2014
 -   FHA Production Report 
 -   FHA Single Family Loan Performance Report
 -   FHA Single Family Origination Trends
 -   Quarterly Report to Congress on the Financial Status of the MMI Fund
 -   Actuarial Reviews of the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund
 -   FHA Annual Management Report
 -   FHA Outlook Reports
 -   Monthly Reports to the FHA Commissioner
 -   HECM Single-Family Public Data
 -   FHA Share of Home Purchase Activity (Monthly)
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 -   FHA Single-Family Insurance of Jumbo Loans
 -   FHA Debenture Interest Rates
 -   FHA Historical Average Mortgage Rates
 -   FHA Single Family Monthly Mortgage Insurance Endorsements by State
 -   Audit of Lender Reporting on Use of Downpayment Assistance
 -   Evaluation of 601 Accelerated Claims Disposition Demonstration
 -   Field Study of Impact of Seller-Paid Nonprofit Downpayment Programs
 -   HMDA Reporting - Getting it Right!
 -   MF Historical and Current Initial Endorsements and Firm Commitments Data
 -   MF Terminated Mortgages Database
 -   MF Currently Insured Mortgages Database
 - Claim Rate Experience of FHA Multifamily and Healthcare Programs
 -   Asset Loan Sales Information