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EIV Application and Online Access for Multifamily Housing Programs

In order to gain access to the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System, you must apply for such access. If you would like to apply for EIV Coordinator access authorization rights, you must complete the Coordinator Access Authorization Form (CAAF). Coordinator applicants may submit the form to HUD's Multifamily Helpdesk by Faxing the form to 202-401-7984 or converting the form to PDF, GIF or JPG format, then Email Us with the form attached in PDF, compressed GIF or JPG document.

If you would like to apply for EIV User access authorization rights, you must complete the User Access Authorization Form (UAAF) and submit it to your EIV Coordinator who will approve your form and grant your EIV access rights.

Individuals wanting to become EIV Coordinators and Users should read the instructions for applying for EIV access.

 -   External (Non-HUD Coordinator/User) Instructions
for Applying for EIV Access for Multifamily Housing Programs
 -   System User Manual For Multifamily Housing Program Users 9.8
 -   External User Administration Manual For Multifamily Housing Programs 9.9
 -   Multifamily Housing Programs Security Administration Manual 9.9

Once you have been assigned authorization rights, you may login to the EIV system, at any time.

Recertification in EIV

A Coordinator(s), contract(s) and/or property(ies) must be recertified annually for continued access to EIV. The Coordinator is required to log into EIV system and utilize the Coordinator Access Request menu to request recertification or application of a new contract or property by submitting an on line CAAF to HUD's Multifamily Help Desk for approval. The ability for Users to complete and submit their UAAFs on-line also exists, which is submitted in EIV system on line to the Coordinator for approval. The EIV 9.0 System User Manual For Multifamily Housing Program Users and the External User Administration Manual were updated to include complete instructions on using the modified, on-line UAAF and the new on-line CAAF submission functionality in EIV.

Recertification Schedule

Coordinators are required to recertify annually, with in 30 day grace period of their expiration date or lose full EIV access.

Users must request and Coordinators must re-certify their EIV Users through the User Certification feature in the EIV system no later than the 30-day grace period Semi annually.

For information on how to perform user certifications in EIV, please refer to the EIV user manual. If you need further assistance in understanding how to assign EIV access rights in WASS or perform user certifications in WASS, please contact HUD's Multifamily Help Desk at 1-800-767-7588.