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Service Coordinator Program
The Service Coordinator Program provides funding for the employment of Service Coordinators in insured and assisted apartment housing that is designed for the elderly and persons with disabilities. A service coordinator is a social service staff person hired or contracted by the development's owner or management company. The Service Coordinator is responsible for assuring that elderly residents, especially those who are frail or at risk, and those non-elderly residents with disabilities are linked to the specific supportive services they need to continue living independently in that housing development.

Read a more detailed description of the Service Coordinator program in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The CFDA number for the Service Coordinator program is 14.191. Website Changes.

HUD has also just set up a Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator listserve.  You may subscribe here:  We’ll use the listserve to periodically provide program information to funding recipients and pass along items of interest to Service Coordinators, housing professionals,  and residents.  Please sign up, so you can get the latest information from us!

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 -   Service Coordinator Grants
 -   Other HUD Funding Sources for Service Coordinators
 -   Program Guidance
 -   Training
 -   Tracking Performance
 -   Resources for Grant Recipients
 -   Assisted-Living Conversion Program


The Department has updated and enhanced our Semi-Annual Performance Report Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator Program, form HUD-92456.  Read more about and download the revised report form.

HUD  published the Fiscal Year 2013  Service Coordinator grant Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) on August 14, 2013. This Notice  announced the availability of $7.5 million  to make new grants to owners of privately-owned HUD assisted multifamily housing developments for the elderly and people with disabilities. The application due date was November 18, 2013. The Department anticipates making funding award announcements after March 1, 2014.  Find more information and download the application at

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