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Instructions for CompletingHUD-1 and HUD-1a

Here are the instructions to help you complete Sections A through L of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and the HUD-1a, Optional Form.

The HUD-1 is required under Section 4 of RESPA and Regulation X of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (24 CFR part 3500).

The HUD-1 is to be used as a statement of actual charges and adjustments to be given to the parties in connection with the settlement. The instructions for completion of the HUD-1 are primarily for the benefit of the settlement agents who prepare the statements, and need not be transmitted to the parties as an integral part of the HUD-1. There is no objection to the use of the HUD-1 in transactions in which its use is not legally required.

Refer to the definitions section of Regulation X for specific definitions of many of the terms which are used in these instructions.