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Monthly Report to the FHA Commissioner


Effective for the period ending May 31, 2013, the monthly reports entitled “FHA Monthly Outlook” and “Monthly Reports to the FHA Commissioner” have been replaced with new reports entitled “FHA Single Family Origination Trends”, “Loan Performance Trends” and “Monthly Production Report”.   The new reports provide details on the credit characteristics and performance of the FHA programs,  the information previously found in the previous reports as well as  additional information regarding the FHA programs that was previously provided in quarterly reports.

January 2013 

The Office of Evaluation section of the Monthly Report to the FHA Commissioner describes FHA's insurance activities for single family, multifamily and Title I programs. It shows the current month's activities and compares the cumulative activities current fiscal year-to-date with the activities of the prior fiscal year for a comparable time period. It lists activities using an inventory approach showing beginning portfolio balances, additions for the period, subtractions for the period and ending portfolio balances. For single family programs, it gives additional detailed information such as loans in default, use of loss mitigation tools and comparisons with the conventional market and VA.


January 2013   (Excel)  (PDF)

Note: The May 2012 report will show changes in the grouping of insurance activity on the Multifamily Insured Portfolio page. These changes were required because of source-system changes that caused this reporting to erroneously treat recent period insurance endorsements and terminations as-if they had occurred in the prior year, but had just been recorded. We apologize for this problem and we will be re-posting prior month’s reports (October 2011 through April 2012) in the near future so that users have correct information on monthly insurance activity.

Previous Reports:

NOTE: Modifications were made in the March and April 2012 reports on the SF Insured page regarding the Current and Prior fiscal years for prepayment and claim numbers.   

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