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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Data:
Data as of November 30, 2011:

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program is the only government-insured reverse mortgage program. The HECM program guarantees that the lender will meet all payment obligations to the borrower, limits the borrower's loan origination costs, and insures full repayment of the loan balance to the lender up to the maximum claim amount, i.e. the lesser of the appraised value at origination or the national HECM loan limit.

This public HECM dataset contains FHA loan-level origination and performance data. The HECM_dataset_main file contains origination, servicing, and termination information. The table is formatted as comma delimited ASCII records. Please see HECM Data Element Dictionary for data definitions. These data are provided by HUD as a courtesy and are without any representation with respect to element accuracy, completeness, or usefulness for any purpose or usage. FHA expects to update this data twice a year.

As of March 2011, three new data elements were added to the public HECM dataset in order to capture the addition of the new pricing option, the HECM Saver, and to provide cash draw data. These three new data elements are called: saver_indicator, policy_year, and cash_draw_amt_PY. Please refer to the HECM Data Element Dictionary for definitions.

In 2012, FHA intends to add a second table that will contain annual loan balance. That addition is pending the completion of a new data system for HECM insurance and loan activity.

 - HECM Data, as of November 30, 2011 (Winzip)

For more information on the HECM program, please go to: