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HUD Office of Housing Counseling
How to Become a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency

Section 106(a)(2) of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 USC 1701x)provides the legislative authority for HUD to provide housing counseling services directly or through private or public organizations with special competence and knowledge in counseling low and moderate income families.

Detailed information and additional requirements of the housing counseling program are provided in the Housing Counseling Program Handbook 7610.1 The program handbook lists the qualifying criteria that all applicants must meet to receive HUD approval. A few of the more important are:

1. Nonprofit Status. The applicant must function as private or public nonprofit organization. The agency must submit evidence of nonprofit status as demonstrated by Section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

2. Experience. The applicant must have successfully administered a housing counseling program for at least one year.

3. Community Base. The applicant must have functioned for at least one year in the geographical area that the applicant proposes to serve.

4. Counseling Resources. The applicant must have sufficient resources to implement its proposed counseling plan no later than the date of HUD approval.

How to submit an application for approval by HUD:

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please follow these instructions for submitting your application.

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