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HUD Office of Housing Counseling
HECM Counselor Roster Issue HECM Certificate

To issue a HECM Certificate in FHA Connection:

  1. Click Single Family FHA
  2. Click Single Family Origination
  3. Click HECM Counseling Functions
  4. Click HECM Counseling Certificate
  5. Enter name of client and click Send. The system is set up to check to see if there is an existing certificate for the client issued by your agency. If there is already a certificate, then the certificate data entry page will pop up.
  6. If no certificate has been issued yet for that client, an error message pops up. Below the error message are the same search fields. Look below that and scroll down to where it says "Click to Establish Certificate". Click on "Establish Certificate."
  7. Fill in the client's information. At the end of the page click Send.
  8. The next page will show the client's info that you entered. If everything looks right, then at the bottom of that page, click the button labeled "Generate Certificate." This will create the actual PDF of the certificate that you will print and issue to the client.