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Atlanta Homeownership Center Principal Staff Directory

Mailing Address:
Suite 900, Five Points Plaza
40 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30303-2806

Toll Free Customer Service: (800) 225-5342 or (800) CALL-FHA

Office of the Director
Director (800) CALLFHA code AO
Deputy Director (800) CALLFHA code AO
The Atlanta Homeownership Center serves the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Operations & Customer Service Division
Director (800) CALLFHA code AO
OCSD provides administrative support, quality control oversight and management consulting internally to the Homeownership Center staff. The Customer Service Branches provide assistance to the public and the housing industry related to HUD's single family FHA programs.
Processing & Underwriting Division
Director (800) CALLFHA code AU
Insuring and Underwriting Branch I (800) CALLFHA code AU
Insuring and Underwriting Branch II
(800) CALLFHA code AU
Insuring and Underwriting Branch III - Post Endorsement Technical Reviews (800) CALLFHA code AU
Insuring and Underwriting Branch IV - Pre-Closing (Test Cases) (800) CALLFHA code AU
Technical Support Branch I - Jurisdiction - PR, FL, NC, SC, TN (800) CALLFHA code AA
Technical Support Branch II - Jurisdiction - AL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MS (800) CALLFHA code AA
The PUD is responsible for insurance endorsement of FHA loans and, monitoring lenders (through post endorsement and pre-closing technical reviews) and appraisers (through desk and field reviews of appraisals) for compliance with FHA underwriting, insurance endorsement and appraisal guidelines and regulations. PUD provides annual FHA Update Seminars and training sessions for lenders, appraisers and other housing industry professionals throughout the Atlanta HOC jurisdiction.
Director (800) CALLFHA code AQ
Branch I - Jurisdiction: AL, IL, IN, KY, MS, TN (800) CALLFHA code AQ
Branch II - Jurisdiction: FL, PR/VI (800) CALLFHA code AQ
Branch III - Jurisdiction: GA, NC, SC (800) CALLFHA code AQ
Supervisory SF Housing Specialist - Location: Chicago, IL (800) CALLFHA code AQ
The QAD is responsible for evaluating and monitoring lenders in its territory to ensure that HUD/FHA approved lenders are originating quality loans and servicing FHA-insured loans in compliance with the Department's requirements.
Director (800) CALLFHA code AP
Branch I - Jurisdiction: FL, IL, NC, SC, TN (800) CALLFHA code AP
Branch II - Jurisdiction: PR/VI, MS, AL, KY, IN, GA (800) CALLFHA code AP
The PSD's key function is promoting the Department's mission of providing affordable housing opportunities through Single Family FHA programs. PSD approves and monitors the FHA Nonprofit Program and offers outreach and education regarding FHA programs.
Director (800) CALLFHA code AR
Branch I - Jurisdiction: TN, IL, NC, SC (800) CALLFHA code AR
Branch II - Jurisdiction: GA, MS, AL (800) CALLFHA code AR
Branch III - Jurisdiction: IN, KY, PR/VI, FL (800) CALLFHA code AR
Supervisory SF Housing Specialist - Location: Columbia, SC (800) CALLFHA code AR
REO is responsible for oversight of the sale of Single Family FHA foreclosed properties for an 11 state area. REO focuses on selling to owner occupants with the ultimate goal of minimizing the cost to the FHA Fund.