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Housing Choice Vouchers List


Conversion Vouchers (housing conversions)
Provides replacement housing as a result of the demolition, disposition, or mandatory conversion of public housing units. These vouchers are also used to relocate families living in these projects.

Conversion vouchers are also provided to both families affected by an owner's decision to opt-out of a project based Section 8 contract and families affected by an owner's decision to prepay a HUD issued mortgage.

Family Unification Vouchers
Enables families to rent affordable housing for whom the lack of affordable housing is a primary factor in, (1)  the separation of children from their families or (2) in the prevention of reunifying the children with their families.

Homeownership Vouchers
Enables very low income families to purchase a home.

Project Based Vouchers
Encourages property owners to construct, rehabilitate, or make available existing housing units to lease to very low income families.

Tenant Based Vouchers
Enables very low income families to lease safe, decent, and affordable privately owned and rental housing.

HUD-VASH Vouchers
Provides a combination of HUD rental assistance and VA case management services for very-low income homeless veterans.

Vouchers for People with Disabilities
Enables very low income families with disabilities to lease affordable private housing.

Witness Relocation Vouchers
Provides rental assistance for the relocation of witnesses in connection with efforts to combat violent crimes that occur in and around public, Indian, and other HUD-assisted housing.


Family Self-sufficiency
Promotes the development of local strategies to enable families in the housing choice voucher program to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)
Measures the performance of local PHAs that administer the housing choice voucher program.