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Calendar Year 2009 Subsidy Processing

This page includes information for PHAs and field offices for CY 2009 Operating Subsidy Processing.

 -   CY 2009 Submission Schedule and Supplemental Information

Current Year Obligations

 -   Obligation Letters September 2009
 -   Final CY 2009 Proration Explanation
 -   Final 2009 Funding Reconciliation Methodology
 -   Updated CY 2009 Proration
 -   Obligation Letters May 2009
 -   Explanation of Second CY 2009 Obligation
 -   Supplemental Obligation Letters January 2009
 -   Obligation Letters January 2009
 -   Explanation of Initial CY 2009 Obligation

Excel Tools and Data Collection

 -   CY 2009 PHA HUD-52723 Excel Tools
 -   CY 2009 PHA HUD-52723 Excel Tool User Guide
 -   Data to be used for completing CY 2009 operating subsidy submission
 -   PHA-Wide Calculator PILOT and Audit Cost for 2009 Based on FDS
 -   Utility Expense Level Calculator (UEL Calculator) (MS-Excel)
This tool is intended to provide guidance and assistance in arriving at the UEL for a project. HUD does not warrant the accuracy of the calculation. Users are expected to review the UEL Calculator's results to insure that all computations and results are correct. Further, this UEL Calculator cannot be used for the "Consolidated" form that must be prepared when a project has both frozen and non-frozen rolling bases. Please note that for frozen rolling base form(s), the UEL Calculator will only work properly if "Yes" is clicked on Section 1, Number 5 (Frozen Rolling Base).

For utilities with flat rate, type ?FLAT RATE? on Line 1 of the HUD-52722 form for the calculator to work.
 -   UEL Inflation Factor

Notices and Guidance

 -   Appeals Notice 2009
 -   Operating Subsidy Calculation for Mixed Finance Projects Briefing
 -   Notice 2008-33, Public Housing Operating Subsidy Calculations for Calendar Year (CY) 2009
 -   New Projects/Units Guidance
 -   Elderly/Disabled Service Coordinator Program (Form HUD-52723, Section 3, Line 07, CY 2009)