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Reconnecting Families and Dads
Father's Day 2013
HUD Photo
Father and son moment on the stage in Fort Myers
Father's Day 2013
HUD Photo
Dad and son relaxing at a Los Angeles Dodgers game
Father's Day 2013
HUD Photo
Reading Housing Authority father and son enjoy activities
Father's Day 2013
HUD Photo
Lorain Ohio girl goes for a pony ride
HUD Photo
A winning moment at the City of Paterson's Father's Day competitive board game tournament
HUD Photo
Family break during BBQ picnic with Rockford Housing Authority

(NEW) Watch: Public Housing Dads Discuss Why Fathers Matter

Secretary's Letter

“By participating in Father's Day 2014, you can demonstrate your agency's commitment to improving the quality of life for children by supporting responsible male involvement in their lives. Forming national partnerships and coordinating local resources makes planning and hosting this fun and life-changing event easier—regardless of the size of the event.” –Secretary Shaun Donovan 
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Thanks to our partners at HHS, we are pleased to share with you the below Child Support Information for Father's Day

Child Support Enforcement  “Changing a Child Support Order” Guide and accompanying state-specific modules at  The guide offers information to help parents, and people who work with parents, better understand the child support review and modification process.  It explains how parents can request to have their child support order changed when their financial situation changes.  Parents, and others, can find phone numbers, websites, and forms (where available) to help start the modification process.  Check out OCSE’s new compilation of reentry resources here.

HUD Gears Up for Father's Day 2014

This year marks our fourth year Reconnecting Families and Dads, and we couldn’t be any more pleased with the support this Initiative has received.  What began as a “Saturday Fair” model borrowed from the New York City Housing Authority has developed into a year-around commitment to strengthening families for HUD.  The promotion of Responsible Fatherhood and Strong Communities is just one of the key policy goals and priorities set by President Obama, and it is HUD’s goal to work with Public Housing Authorities and Federal Agencies to continue this mission.  As in previous years, HUD strives to empower fathers to achieve a more stable future for their families; while at the same time bonding with their children in a fun, loving environment.

HUD’s Reconnecting Families and Dads Initiative has had a number of inquiries from PHAs on just how to plan for their Father’s Day events.  We decided to go directly to the source—the PHAs themselves.  Our first submission is from the Pahokee, FL Public Housing Authority who shared their story.  Send your story to:  Please note that HUD reserves the right to make edits due to limited size and space.  Photos must be accompanied by a signed release.

This Father’s Day, HUD is celebrating all families! We’ve partnered with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Family Equality Council, and PFLAG to bring you resources for LGBTQ parents, children of LGBTQ parents, and parents of LGBTQ youth! These resources address coming out and transition tips, legal protections, guides to connecting with family and community, and more. Happy Father’s Day!

For youth with LGBTQ parents:

  For LGBTQ parents:

  Legal Issues: recognition of LGBT families) family law) for LGBT parents (Spanish and English) protection project)



Why is HUD Focusing on Fatherhood?

father's day 2013

In line with HUD’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Goal 3: “using housing as a platform to improve the quality of life of our residents,” this focus on fatherhood in public housing flows from current statistics that show when fathers are absent children suffer. This in no way suggests that HUD does not recognize the critical importance of mothers. The majority of public housing households with children are headed by single women who earn less than $9,000 annually, and they do a tremendous job of raising their children. However, according to statistics drawn from communities across the country, children raised in absent father families are more at-risk for a host of negative factors, including dropping out of school. The focus on Father’s Day is meant to be a starting point; either a celebration of existing relationships or a reason to form first connections.

Father's Day History

Adapted from the NYCHA Fatherhood Initiative, HUD’s Father’s Day Initiative was developed in response to the stark socio-economic data indicating how children and youth are being negatively affected by father-absent homes. For the first celebration, 209 PHAs from 33 states held Father’s Day events.  An estimated 22,000 fathers, children, mothers and many others participated in events that local public housing authorities held all over the nation. In some cities, participants met athletes from the NFL and NBA, who joined in on the fun, while the Read it LOUD! Foundation distributed more than 1,600 free children’s books to housing authorities that participated.

Father'sDay 2013 Presentation (MS-PowerPoint)

Father's Day PowerPoint Screenshot
Father's Day 2014 

Thank you to the 446 housing authorities who registered for Father's Day 2014. Click here to see the list of participants! 

Click here for dates, times and places events are being held.

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