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Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System
Attention EIV Users!
EIV release 9.6 was deployed on December 6, 2013. Read What's New in EIV 9.6
See information regarding Multifamily Housing's participation in the EIV system or email Multifamily Housing.
EIV users must use WASS IDs to access EIV PIH program users must have a WASS ID that (1) has been assigned the EIV action in WASS by a WASS Administrator, (2) had that WASS ID authorized in PIC User Administration, and (3) been assigned a role in EIV by an EIV User Administrator.* PIC IDs will not be recognized in WASS as being valid for access to EIV.
Note: PIC access must be active to access EIV Effective March 4, 2007 Access for internal (HUD) users is at: Access for PHA users is at:* For PIH program users, the PHA's EIV User Administrator must request the assignment of a role and the Field Office User Administrator must authorize that role within EIV's User Administration module.

The purpose of HUD's EIV System is to make integrated income data available from one source, via the Internet, for PHAs to use to improve income verification during required income reexaminations. EIV provides the following information:

  1. Monthly employer new hires
  2. Quarterly wages (including employer information), Federal wages are available
  3. Quarterly unemployment compensation
  4. Monthly social security (SS) and supplement security income (SSI) benefits

The EIV System is available to all PHAs nationwide. Effective January 31, 2010, PHAs are required to use and implement the EIV system in their day-to-day operations. Read the Final Rule and issued Guidance. PHAs should contact the EIV Coordinator at their local HUD field office for further information on obtaining access to the EIV system.

Benefits of the System

  • Increases the efficiency and accuracy of income and rent determinations
  • Reduces incidents of underreported and unreported household income
  • Removes the barriers to verifying tenant-reported income
  • Addresses material weaknesses in a PHA's reexamination process and program operations
  • Assures that more eligible families are able to participate in the program
  • Reduces improper payments and ensures the right people receive the right amount of assistance at the right time

See PIH's progress in reducing improper payments.

EIV System Uses and Capabilities

  • Provides new hire, wage, unemployment compensation, and Social Security benefit information through a data matching process for households covered by a HUD-Form 50058 and individuals who have disclosed a valid Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Allows PHAs to view monthly new hire information, quarterly wage, employer information, quarterly unemployment benefit payments, monthly Social Security (SS) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, and Medicare deductions and/or buy-ins for tenants within the PHA's jurisdiction
  • Provides income discrepancy reports to identify families who may have substantially underreported household income
  • Identifies individuals who are required to disclose a valid SSN to the PHA
  • Identifies individuals who may have disclosed an invalid SSN to the PHA
  • Identifies individuals who may be receiving duplicate rental assistance
  • Identifies individuals who voluntary or involuntarily ended participation (EOP) in a PIH rental assistance program with an adverse status and/or outstanding debt owed to a PHA as of the EOP date
  • Helps deter housing fraud

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