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UPCS Inspection Certification Training for Inspectors


We are now accepting enrollment for Phase 1a online training in Sacramento, California
This enrollment period for Sacramento, California will run from February 8-18, 2016.
During this time period, you may submit your questionnaire for the California training.

The onsite training will be held in Sacramento, California, April 19-22. 2016

Class size is limited and applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Once maximum class size is reached or enrollment period ends, whichever comes first, no more applications will be processed.


All HUD assisted and insured housing (Public Housing and Multifamily Housing) covered under the Department's Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) regulations must be inspected by individuals certified in the Department's UPCS inspection protocol and procedures. The Physical Assessment Sub System (PASS) of the Office of Public and Indian Housing - Real Estate Assessment Center (PIH-REAC) facilitates these inspections of all HUD-affiliated properties.


The UPCS Inspection Certification On-Line Training Curriculum is offered to you by HUD PIH-REAC.

This On-Line Certification Training Program is specifically designed for inspectors to become certified to conduct the REAC inspections.

The Online-Line training provides access to the UPCS training materials that were once only available to inspector candidates on site in Washington, DC.

In order to participate in this training, you must already have sufficient inspector skills, computer skills and experience as an inspector. In addition, you must have a HUD User ID (M-ID or an I-ID Independent User Identification).  The below explains how to become a certified UPCS inspector.

How to Apply for Training

Inspector Qualifications

If you currently have an M-ID, click here to apply Inspector Candidate Assessment Questionnaire (MS-Word).    

If you are a new inspector candidate, you must apply for an independent user ID, click the following URL

Upon receipt of your ID, you must complete and submit the Inspector Candidate Assessment Questionnaire (MS-Word).  Assessment Questionnaire Must Be submitted as a MS-Word Document.

Please submit the form to:

Procedures on how to submit completed Questionnaire Form

The Process

Click  here to view the Process.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) 1-888-245-4860 (Monday through Friday 7:00am-8:30PM EST) for your concerns or you may email