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Physical Inspection Training Materials

These materials have been used at various industry meetings around the country and are provided for your convenience.

Preparing for REAC Inspections (Based on feedback minor revisions were made for clarity purposes) - Guidance for Multifamily and Public Housing Properties

Presentation from the Southwestern Affordable Housing Management Association Meeting in Dallas, TX
(For faster access, right-click and select 'Save Target/Link As' to download the PowerPoint files below)

Presentation from the Oregon Affordable Housing Management Association?s Friday Boot Camp in Salem, OR

Inspector Helpful Hints

Special Training presentation at the "Housing Authority of the City of Austin" in Austin, TX

 -   Housing Authority of the City of Austin - November 15, 2007 (MS-PowerPoint, 3.2MB)

Special Training presentation at the ?New York Affordable Housing Management Association? in New York City, NY

 -   New York Affordable Housing Management Association - October 17, 2007 (MS-PowerPoint, 3.1MB)

Special Training presentation at the ?Louisville Metro Housing Authority? in Louisville, KY

     -   Louisville Metro Housing Authority - September 6, 2007 (MS-PowerPoint, 2.9MB)

    Presentation from the "Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities" Spring Workshop.

     -   AAHRA Spring Workshop - May 8, 2007 (MS-PowerPoint, 1.8MB)

    Presentation from the "Texas NAHRO" Conference

     -   Texas NAHRO Conference - April 24, 2007 (MS-PowerPoint, 2.4MB)

    Top 25 Most Cited Deficiencies for Public Housing

     -   Top 25 Deficiencies

    Top 25 Most Cited Deficiencies for Multifamily Housing

     -   Top 25  Deficiencies

    Training Photos used in the UPCS Certification Classes
    (For faster access, right-click and select 'Save Target/Link As..' to download the PowerPoint files below)

     -   Site(MS-PowerPoint, 15.6MB)
     -   Building Exterior (MS-PowerPoint, 10.1MB)
     -   Building Systems (MS-PowerPoint, 5.4MB)
     -   Common Areas (MS-PowerPoint, 2MB)
     -   Unit (MS-PowerPoint, 16MB)
     -   Health and Safety (MS-PowerPoint, 7.5MB)

    Public Version of the UPCS Inspection Software known as DCD 2.3a

     -   DCD 2.3a Public Version

    Uniform Physical Condition Standards comprehensive listing all of the Inspectable Areas, Items, and Deficiencies

     -   UPCS Comprehensive Listing in MS-Excel format (MS-Excel, 114 KB)
     -   UPCS Comprehensive Listing in PDF format

    Link to the Inspection Day Video

     -   Inspection Day Video (Please look under REAC Inspection Day, March 29, 2007)

    Contact the UPCS Inspection Training Coordinators at
    if you have any questions about Inspection Training.