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REAC Compilation Bulletin

A new consolidated revision, Revision 2.3, to the REAC Compilation Bulletin has been issued.  Please carefully review this document as the first one (1) of the four (4) revisions is effective for all inspections conducted on and after September 4, 2012.  The three (3) other revisions already are in effect.  The remainder of the REAC Compilation Bulletin, Revision 2.1, is unchanged. 

REAC Compilation Bulletin, Revision 2.1, must be carefully read in its entirety so that all inspectors are familiar with the procedures contained therein.  The REAC Compilation Bulletin provides answers to some of the most common questions received from inspectors in the field and clarifies certain areas of the inspection protocol to further ensure that physical inspections are objective and conducted in accordance with the protocol.

The information in the REAC Compilation Bulletin has been communicated to inspectors through email, training sessions, and other methods. 

REAC Compilation Bulletin, Revision 2.1, along with Revision 2.3, supersedes all previous editions and separate guidance.  It is the inspector's responsibility to apply this guidance, as well as any other guidance issued by the Department, when conducting all physical inspections using the HUD UPCS protocol.

Please be sure you update your existing guidance on all of the revised items with this new publication.

Failure to apply and follow the guidelines in the Revisions will negatively impact your performance and evaluation as an inspector.

If you have any questions about the material included in this Bulletin, please contact our Technical Assistance Center at 888-245-4860. Updates to the information in the Bulletin, as well as other information of which you need to be aware, can be found at

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