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Reverse Auction Program

Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) Information Session (November 19, 2014)
Listen to recorded conference call (WINZIP Wave Sound File)

Announcement of Upcoming Auction

The Reverse Auction Program is planning the following auction:

Auction 622 - Multifamily
Saturday, January 31, 2015 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (EST)

Preview  of Auction 622 (MS-Excel)

Auction 622 includes approximately 145 Multi-Family housing properties in 22 states.  The auction is scheduled for Saturday, January 31, 2015, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM Eastern time.   The period of performance will be ninety three (93) calendar days starting February 4, 2015 and ending May 8, 2015. It is imperative that these inspections be performed within the period of performance.

*Please note:  Inspections awarded in Auction 622 cannot be scheduled on the following federal holidays:

Holiday Day of Week Date
President's Day Monday February 16, 2015

For this auction, we need to make you aware of the slightly modified Uniform Physical Condition Standard protocol that you should be applying when you conduct an inspection from this auction.

On July 27, 2011, the White House Domestic Policy Council, HUD, Treasury and USDA met with several state Housing Finance Agency (HFA) representatives, the National Council of State Housing Agencies and other stakeholders to discuss the Obama Administration’s efforts to reduce duplicative regulations by better aligning federally funded affordable rental housing programs.

In order to accommodate the needs of the various agencies involved, the following slight variations to the UPCS standard protocol should be applied when you conduct an inspection under this pilot program:

  1. Inspector will generate sample based on the total number of units
  2. Regardless of the current vacancy rate, vacant units will be inspected when selected as part of the sample.If vacant units come up in sample inspector WILL NOT MARK AS VACANT and go ahead and inspect it (please remember this because if marked as vacant and saved then inspector will not able to inspect unit). Inspector will put comment in the unit comments field – vacant unit inspected.  The current protocol of selecting an alternate unit in the sample due to reasons such as resident sickness, unit in litigation, no keys, etc. remains unchanged.
  3. The inspector should add a note as follows: "HUD Inter-Agency  Pilot Program" in the property inspection tab comment section, in addition to the vacancy rate and bed bug information like they already do.
  4. The inspector will include the actual occupancy rate in the Property Section comment box.
  5. Inspectors must call the TAC (1-888-245-4860) and get a TAC # on each inspection since the property profile will need to be changed for each inspection due to the inclusion of non-HUD affiliated units.

Please note that only the inspections included in this auction need to follow these slight modifications to the protocol.

To participate in the bid process for Auction 622, there are six (6) mandatory requirements that eligible contractors must meet:

  1. Have attended the mandatory pre-bid teleconference held January 22, 2015;
  2. Be in good standing with HUD and have no outstnading billing issues;
  3. Have no open past due inspections;
  4. Scheduled inspections for recent auctions by the due date;
  5. Be in compliance with confirmation emails for properly scheduled inspectins; and
  6. Have no Termination for Default actions in recent auctions or be prohibited from participating in auctions.

PENALTY: If a contractor is found to be in violation of these terms, the contractor will be notified via email and will be prohibited from participating in the next five (5) auctions.

Ceiling prices for Auction 622 are as follows:
Duration Ceiling Price
0.5 Day = $575
1 Day = $675
1.5 Days = $1000
2 Days = $1,150
2.5 Days = $1,300

Federal Holidays 2015


Day of Week


New Year's Day


January 1, 2015

Martin Luther King's Birthday


January 19, 2015

George Washington's Birthday


February 16, 2015*

Memorial Day Monday May 25, 2015
Independence Day Friday July 3, 2015**
Labor Day Monday September 7, 2015
Columbus Day Monday October 12, 2015
Veterans Day Wednesday November 11, 2015
Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 26, 2015
Christmas Day Friday December 25, 2015

Per Section 5.1 of the Reverse Auction Program’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions….”inspectors shall not conduct inspection activities on weekends or Federal holidays”. 


REAC is further enhancing its inspection reporting process by including photo documentation of deficiencies observed during the course of the inspection. Initially, the photo documentation will limit its activity of photographing only Level 3 observed deficiencies. During the initial phase a limited number of inspectors will be utilizing our new photograph capability in selected physical inspections of Public Housing and Multifamily properties. We are making efforts to ensure that all affected properties are aware that inspectors will be photographing deficiencies. These inspections will be inspections of record, with the inspection report reviewed and released like any other REAC physical inspection and will now include photo documentation.

The proposed timeframe is as follows: beginning this month, QA Inspectors will test the software. After QA testing is complete, the photograph capability will be expanded to all physical inspections, with the time period from October 2014 to December 2014 devoted to the full implementation of this technology. Further communications will be provided in the near future concerning the full implementation timetable; however, all inspectors should begin to prepare.

Below are the recommended and minimum specifications that inspectors must have in order to use the DCD 4.0 Photo software:


Recommended Specifications
(DCD 4.0 Photo)

Minimum Specifications for Tablets
(DCD 4.0 Phto)

  1. Operating System

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

  1. Rear Camera

3.15 MP

2 MP

  1. Processor Speed

1.9 GHz

1.8 GHz

  1. Hard Drive

64 GB

64 GB

  1. Memory (RAM)

8 GB

4 GB

  1. Screen Size (inches)

~ 10

~ 10

  1. Screen Resolution

1920 x 1200

1280 x 800

  1. Internet Capability



Any questions about this process can be addressed to the REAC TAC at:  1-888-245-4860.   

Helpful Links for 4.0 - HUD's New Inspection Software Helpful Information for Becoming a RAP Contractor
Helpful Information for Contractors

Click to Access:
The new 4.0 DCD webpage

Click to Access:
RAPID External User Guide - Contractor Management
Introduction to the Bulk Scheduling module (YOUTUBE VIDEO)

Click to Review:
The Scoring Notice

Introduction to Request a Participant ID
Introduction to the Bulk Scheduling module

Click to Access:
Online Inspector Training

Introduction to Request a RAP ID
Introduction to the Search Inspection module (YOUTUBE VIDEO)

Click to Access:
Multi-Family Training (for property representatives & HUD employees)

Introduction to the Contractor Profile View  Module
Inspector Management - Profile View

Click to Access:
Public Housing Training (for property representatives & HUD employees)


Click to Access:
XML Generator and Bulk Scheduling Process

    XML Generator User Guide

*PLEASE NOTE:  An added feature of the 4.0 software is the Bulk Scheduling process.  For those of you interested in exploring the new 4.0 PASS system and using the “Bulk Scheduling” function in the current PASS System, an XML file must be created.  A tutorial is available and an optional tool has been developed to create an XML file for the Bulk Scheduling feature. The XML generator tool checks for the mandatory fields for Bulk Scheduling and does a data validation before uploading the inspection schedule file to Secure Systems. (See above for access to XML Generator.)

  • The RAP Newsletter - November 2012
  • Special Offering Statement - The following actions will be cause for termination for default for all awarded inspections:

    • Failure to schedule inspections within 20 days of the award email.
    • Failure to update and maintain accurate inspection schedule information in HUD's Secure Systems.
    • Failure to have an active inspector assigned to a scheduled inspection.
    • Failure of inspector to appear for any reason for an inspection scheduled with HUD's Quality Assurance (QA) staff. In these cases QA will conduct the inspection and no payment will be due to the contractor.
  • Special Announcement: Recently, we have noticed that some contractors are attempting to place last minute bids on several lots during the last hour of the auction. Since several of these lots have proxy bids in place, it may take a few minutes to receive confirmation of a bid. Once the bids are placed, the "Place Bids Button" will be grayed out until the bid is verified; please be patient until the bids are finalized for the lot in question.

    All bids placed by the contractors will be finalized on a "first come, first served" basis, and any bids accepted by the auction web site will be considered final. This being said, we expect delays in placing bids during the last hour of the auction, as such we encourage you to place bids as early as possible to ensure that your bids are accepted. HUD will proceed with awarding the auction results based on bids accepted by the auction website. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Inspection Review Notice: Contractors should check the Inspection Review Web Page often. It is required that posted challenges be responded to within 3 business days. If no response is received within this time-frame, and REAC was not informed of any IT/ technical difficulties, the inspection WILL BE REJECTED. Rejected inspections are not subject to payment.
  • Reminder: It is important that inspections are NOT over-scheduled, and that Scheduler is kept up-to-date, as stated in the UPCS protocol. Contractors must ensure that adequate resources are available prior to bidding. Failure to adhere to the UPCS protocol and/or the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions may result in suspension of an inspector, HUD-rejected inspections, and/or denial of participation in the Reverse Auction Program.
  • UPCS Inspection Protocol Other Hazards - Bed Bug Infestation.

Guiding Documents

 Quick References



*Please Note: Results for all auctions are not listed due to technical issues.  All files below are in MS-Excel format unless otherwise noted.

Contact us at: REACReverseAuctionProgram@HUD.GOV