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Physical Inspection

Nearly 4 million American families live in rental housing that is owned, insured or subsidized by HUD. To ensure that these families have housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. REAC conducts approximately 20,000 physical inspections on properties each year.



A recent systems software release has impacted the processing times for those applications running on Secure Systems.  REAC is aware of the slow response time in Secure Systems, and the IT Team is working on a resolution.  We are also mindful of the contractual requirements of our RAP contractors for entering the scheduling information in Secure Systems and the potential penalties if this requirement is not met. 

While the scheduling of inspections for Servicing Mortgagee may be slightly inconvenienced with lengthened processing times navigating Secure Systems, there is ample time for scheduling and conducting inspections within the Ideal Future Date (IFD) window.  

Reverse Auction Program (RAP) properties, on the other hand, have different timing criteria.  Due to the timing issues with Secure Systems, RAP is extending the 20 day scheduling deadline for all inspections awarded in Auctions 397 and 377:

  • Auction 397 Scheduling deadline is now June 30, 2014
  • Auction 377 Scheduling deadline is now July 7, 2014

Be advised that you may receive the auto-generated email from Secure Systems after the original 20 day deadline dates of 6/21 and 7/1 respectively.  You may disregard this email, but please make sure to enter the inspections in scheduler by the extended deadlines.

As a reminder, you should continue to copy RAP on confirmation emails sent to properties after an inspection is scheduled, as stated in the purchase order terms and conditions.  Please continue to input the scheduling information into Secure Systems while REAC resolves the timeliness issues.


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(NEW) Protocol for scattered site properties: (There is no longer a difference between single-family and multi-family scattered site protocols.) 


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Amendments to Steps for Submitting a Technical Review to become effective May 1, 2010.


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Over the past several months, REAC has received questions from PHAs asking whether the upcoming REAC PASS physical inspections will be conducted based on a PHA's Annual Contribution Contracts (ACC) developments (More)


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