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Quality Assurance Operations

The REAC Quality Assurance Subsystem (QASS) staff performs quality assurance reviews of Independent Public Accountants (IPAs) who perform audits and attestations of HUD-assisted multifamily projects and public housing agencies(PHAs). QASS auditors perform reviews to determine that data submitted to FASS are reliable and serve to validate the FASS financial ratios.


 -   Enforcement actions against IPAs
The Department is aggressively pursuing action against auditors who have egregiously violated professional standards and HUD requirements. To date ? based on referrals made to oversight bodies as a result of QARs performed by QASS ? the following enforcement actions have been taken or are proposed against IPAs: More...
 -   Important! Obtaining instructions for getting a UII has just gotten easier!!Retrieve the short version of the UII Registration Instructions.
 -   Important! Unique IPA Identifier (UII) is required when submitting Audited Financial Information to REAC. For more information about the UII requirement, check out: Unique IPA Identifier(UII) Instructions for registering online can be found to the right under Documents and Guidance.
 -   On-line UII Registration for IPA Offices and State Auditor Offices is now available.Before obtaining a UII, IPA offices and State Auditor offices must obtain a HUD Secure Systems User ID and Password. To obtain a Secure System User ID and Password, refer to Online Systems' Secure System Registration Instructions. Contact your HUD-assisted client today for assistance.


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